Teaching Your Kids to Self-Regulate Their Emotions


Showing outbursts of emotions is one of the responses children show off when exposed to a stimulus. This kind of process is normal and often seen during the childhood development stages.

Having emotional outbursts can be annoying to some parents. However, there is a right way for you to teach your kids, especially toddlers, how to regulate their emotions. If you think that removing the stimulus is the absolute way, then you are wrong.

As childcare in Maryland, allow us to share the appropriate techniques to help your kids self-regulate their emotions.

  • Scaffolding the behavior.

    According to child psychologists, scaffolding the necessary behavior is an effective way for kids to self-regulate. What does scaffolding a behavior mean? It means that parents should not avoid situations that make their kids uneasy. Instead, parents should provide coaching and teaching about the appropriate response to the situation until their children can handle these situations themselves. This method can prevent sudden emotional outbursts when children face similar situations in the future.

  • Taking smaller steps.

    Children get easily discouraged or have outbursts when exposed to big situations. As parents, teach them to take smaller steps first. For instance, when they get easily discouraged when they have difficulties dressing, try allowing them to wear the upper clothes. If they master it, you can teach them to wear the lower clothes next. Until such time, they can do the whole skill independently.

If you want authorities to help you with your children’s emotional outbursts, our early childhood education in Bowie, Maryland, can help.

Our preschool program at Nora’s Angel’s Early Learning Center includes enhancing their social and emotional skills. Send us a message if you have questions about our program.

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