Learning the Alphabet to Develop Your Child’s Literacy


When you teach your kid the alphabet during their childhood, you’re already preparing them for their development as they go to school.

Children acquire alphabet knowledge by first learning to recognize and name individual letters, then by learning that each letter has a corresponding sound.

They can benefit from learning the alphabet early because they become the building blocks for toddlers to develop literacy and help them think and communicate more fluently. You also give them a head start on learning to write, and their writing reveals what they know about the written language.

Most preschool program help the kids develop their creative process by doodling, sketching, and drawing other markings through different activities. Eventually, their writing will start to seem more like everyone else’s as they gain more familiarity with the alphabet.

Furthermore, while learning the alphabet is just one small portion of a child’s education, it is a crucial building block in mastering reading, which is one of the most influential aspects of a child’s potential for academic achievement.

At our learning center, we make it our mission to provide each child with a positive and enriching learning experience and childcare in Maryland while cultivating a safe and nurturing environment.

Put your child’s education in good hands at Nora’s Angel’s Early Learning Center. You can reach us by phone or email today to learn more about how our early childhood education in Bowie, Maryland, can help them learn and develop!

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