For your child’s age-appropriate learning experience
  • Our curriculum is designed by experts to meet national standards to provide continual learning for children ages 0-5 years. The curriculum includes four different age-specific programs: infants, toddlers, threes, and pre-k. Each curriculum is built upon the teaching of the previous program, and all are based on early brain development research learning domains, intentionality, and conscious discipline.
  • Our program uses early brain development research to design learning experiences for children that are developmental and age-appropriate.
  • All activities focus on one or more of all domains: cognitive, language, social/ emotional, and physical, to give children a well-rounded learning experience that is taught with intention.
  • The children learn pro-social behavior skills. Our scholars know they are safe and loved, and from this place of security and caring, they learn the skills of problem-solving, self-regulation, and taking responsibility for their actions.
  • Program features include:
    • Embracing the joy of learning
    • Providing comprehensive, integrated instruction in all domains
    • Balancing intentional instruction with child-centered learning
    • Providing equity of materials and instruction
    • Offering a strong daily routine that develops key social skills and emotional control
    • Valuing individual difference
    • Empowering children with choices in self-directed activities
    • Honoring the power of a strong teacher-child interaction to develop rich oral language and a robust vocabulary
    • Providing a systematic and sequential continuum for building skills and concepts
    • Using research-based principles of learning as the cornerstone of instruction
  • Our curriculum is the educational foundation that promotes learning and a successful path for children.
  • Our curriculum provides a research-based program built on the latest findings in neuroscience, and literacy and language acquisition.
  • Features a clear and special scope and sequence that gives children the opportunity to build foundational skills to support the acquisition of higher-level skills.
  • Respect the developmental level of young children by offering concrete, hands-on, child-centered activities.

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