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Thank you for your interest in NAELC! We welcome you to learn more about our school and the quality care experience we offer to families. At NAELC, we believe that our childcare-centered principles, dedicated educators, and our ability to communicate responsibly will provide you and your child with the best possible childcare experience and early childhood education in Bowie, Maryland that focuses on each child’s interests and needs.


To build a solid foundation that will help children thrive as individuals from infants to preschool with age-appropriate practices designed to develop children’s self-concept, self-awareness, self-expression, respect, independence, and security. Our children develop positive skills and values that promote a lifelong love for learning and the ability to reach their fullest potential.


To be recognized as the most trusted early childhood education, dedicated to providing quality care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in our communities, Maryland, and beyond.


  • Educate – We are the top choice for holistic education among primary learners.
  • Nurture – We foster a love for education, so in turn, our learners share the same enthusiasm.
  • Safety – We advocate for the health and safety of our learners, staff, and parents, the same way we care for wholesome learning.


NAELC has been providing quality care since 2013, and we have positively impacted multiple families in our community with quality education and care. Building a great relationship with families has been our top priority.

We started with a few children and grew rapidly within months. We created a top-notch environment, a great developmental curriculum, healthy nutrition, and a safe environment with dedicated, well-trained teachers.

We’re proud of the accomplishment we have been able to achieve within a few years. The majority of children that graduated from our program to kindergarten were able to read and write proficiently. These beautiful angels acquired skills that will keep them on the path to success in life. We are excited to start this journey on a large scale and ready to recreate such a successful approach by expanding all around Bowie, Maryland and beyond.

Our Philosophy

NAELC affirms that children are our most precious resources. Therefore, we owe them the safest, most loving, and most highly educational environment possible. We created an extraordinary place for children to thrive in all aspects: physically, academically, socially, emotionally, and morally in a way that is appropriate to their ages and stages of development.

Children are happiest when they are engaging in one-on-one personal time. Our young scholars are most impressionable during their preschool years. Therefore, those times of learning are extremely important and crucial. Most children become a product of their environment(s) and will perceive life-based concepts on how they feel and their experiences, so our teachers are clear and consistent with our expectations, which include explaining and modeling what positive behavior looks like.

Children learn through play; with us, they will be provided with a variety of experiences that will strengthen their cognitive abilities. We guide and assist in these areas of instructing the children by providing a safe, nurturing, and healthy learning environment, as well as fun experiences for all children. The idea is to ensure each child develops appropriately through incorporating a solid foundation for learning where they can thrive, grow, and obtain self-awareness for their actions.

Through all these practices, the children shall be able to have equal opportunities to flourish into amazing young scholars who socialize well amongst others, learn how to express their feelings, respect others, and become academically enriched.

Meet the Team

Nora Nwozo
I have been in childcare and early childhood education for over 8 years, and I love working with children. They are the future, and my goal is to guide and prepare children to be successful as they advance from one stage of their life to another. I love the opportunity to grow and learn alongside these children.

I am the director of Nora’s Angel’s Early Learning Center (NAELC). I have a Bachelor’s degree in History, International Relations, and Business Administration, with Certifications in Early Childhood Education. I have a loving husband and 3 beautiful children.

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