Leveling Their Growth Potential and Primary Education Preparedness

At NAELC, our preschool curriculum is designed specifically by experts to meet the needs of all learners, while nurturing each child’s curiosity and creativity as they learn, observe, analyze, and ask questions in designing and carrying out investigations.

7 Domains of Learning

  • Language & Literacy
    From basic sign language to storytime, singing, phonics, and eventually reading and writing
  • Social & Emotional
    Our daily learning approach will help children learn new skills and experiences that will develop their behavior and relationships
  • Social Studies
    Learning about self, family, friends, and others
  • Mathematical Thinking
    Early math experience, problem-solving, and introducing numbers, patterns, and measurements through hands-on learning
  • Science & Engineering
    Using senses and special technology
  • Creative Art
    Visual and creative art, stimulating the imagination, and creative thinking
  • Physical Development
    Encouraging movement, balance, and motor skills – climbing, sliding, and activities with age-appropriate playground and equipment

Daily Routine

  • Greet circle (circle time) is incorporated daily, and children are always excited to participate because they get to share their thoughts and ideas, learn to greet each other, talk about the weather, sing along to songs, take turns, and learn to respect each other’s opinions.
  • Exploring creative opportunities through centers designed for block building, dramatic play, creative expression, puzzles, book reading, science-focused activities, and challenging sight word games.
  • Enjoying outdoor play: balancing, jumping, climbing, and adventurous activities.
  • Math concepts are expanded, like counting to 100, writing numbers, constructing solid shapes, and measuring using classroom materials.
  • Writing alphabets and their names and putting together two or more word sentences
  • We teach children to use classroom materials respectfully.
  • Communicating emotions and thoughts verbally
  • Understanding abstract concepts
  • Using mathematical and scientific thinking to solve real problems.
  • Health and safety in the classroom
  • Able to take care of their toilets needs on their own (supervised)
  • Assessment conferences are held three times a year to assess the children’s progress towards developmental goals. Parents/families are encouraged to attend at least twice a year, organized by our team of teachers.

A Typical Day For Our Preschool & Pre-K

  • Arrival (Welcoming families & transitioning activities)
  • Morning snack
  • Greet Circle (Circle time)
  • Organized learning activities (STEAM/centers)
  • Outdoor play
  • Good hygiene practices
  • Lunch
  • Potty use (if requested)
  • Naptime/Quiet time
  • Afternoon snack
  • Individual interest/self-selected activities
  • Clean up time (clean-up song)
  • Ready for pick-up activity

Each day, we begin with a Greet circle (circle time) that focuses on strong social and emotional development, using these key guides:

  • Unite – together to strengthen the school bond.
  • Calm – each other. We select a breathing strategy for relaxing.
  • Connect – with the classroom through eye contact, touch, and playfulness.
  • Commit – to the school agreement in order to keep everyone safe.

The practices are embedded throughout the day so that the children can develop self-regulation.

Our Preschool curriculum also uses nurturing language and literacy skills through whole-group and small group instruction and child center learning centers.

Literacy small group:
We focus on Vocabulary Development, Shared Writing, and Guided Writing

Math small group:
Math’s best practices are integrated throughout the day using careful scope and sequences to offer a purposeful engaging investigation.

STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics
Our weekly STEAM project-based activities encourage children to be creative, build thinking skills, and solve problems.

This unique curriculum provides plenty of opportunities for children to explore concepts, such as music, singing, playing, laughing, and a variety of different games throughout the day that supports physical skills.

Our teachers encourage children to explore their interests, make good choices, practice cooperation, and develop independence.

An Exciting Time To Learn

Kindergarten readiness is emphasized by integrating state learning standards throughout ongoing educational experiences.

Our preschoolers and pre-K learners are also exposed to technological interactive systems that facilitate learning and interaction.

We observe and document each child’s progress in our preschool program through individual portfolios, and the learning experience is also communicated to parents using journals and our Brightwheel app.

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