Kick-Start Your Infant's Growth And Development

At NAELC, our infants are cared for in a space designed to accommodate their every need. Young babies spend more of their time eating and sleeping before they become mobile, and with us, your baby receives the utmost care and a relationship that consistently meets their physical and emotional needs.

Once your baby starts creeping and walking, they will be moved to a larger space for more active exploration, where they can perform messy activities and relax in small, soft places for quiet reading, singing, pretend play, or one-on-one play with the teacher.

A primary teacher is assigned to your child for more child-teacher interaction, helping them develop rich oral language and vocabulary, as well as strong social and emotional connections.

We follow each infant’s cues and allow them to eat and sleep on demand. Somewhere between three months and six months of age, most infants begin to develop a more predictable daily rhythm.

We start providing older infants with a smooth routine that balances active and quiet play and learning experience.

At this stage, our infants are introduced to a joyful curriculum that is designed to meet their learning abilities. Our Frog street curriculum provides teachers with tools and guidance to accommodate every child’s natural curiosity and foster essential growth that builds a strong learning foundation for little ones aged 0-18 months

7 Domains of Learning

  • Language & Literacy
    From basic sign language to story time, singing, phonics, and eventually reading and writing
  • Social & Emotional
    Our daily learning approach will help children learn new skills and experiences that will develop their behavior and relationships
  • Social Studies
    Learning about self, family, friends, and others
  • Mathematical Thinking
    Early math experience, problem-solving, and introducing numbers, patterns, and measurements through hands-on learning
  • Science & Engineering
    Using senses and special technology
  • Creative Art
    Visual and creative art, stimulating the imagination, and creative thinking
  • Physical Development
    Encouraging movement, balance, and motor skills – climbing, sliding, and activities with age-appropriate playground and equipment

Daily Routine

  • Consist of child’s personal needs; diapering, feeding, sleeping, and a predictable classroom environment for older infants
  • Introducing basic sign language for easier communication
  • Each child’s experience is documented daily and sent to parents through our Brightwheel app
  • Throughout the day, we encourage language development through songs, rhymes, books, and consistent conversation with children.
  • Tummy time is introduced.
  • Older infants spend time outdoors, depending on the weather.
  • Physical development activities, like holding their head up, rolling over, crawling, supporting sitting, and walking, all with access to colorful safe toys
  • Exploring with stimulating materials, like blocks, mirrors, and mobile
  • Daily music and dance experience
  • Health and safety in the classroom

Typical Day for Infants

  • Arrival (welcoming families/transition)
  • Bottle feeding/meals
  • Naps
  • Thematic activities (photos and videos)
  • Special events

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