Helping Infants Develop Gross Motor Skills


If you are a parent of an infant, you have to understand that the nerves and muscles of infants develop during the first few months. Thus, you must take advantage of these developments by slowly developing your gross motor skills.

As trusted childcare in Maryland, we have provided babies with an environment where they can develop their motor skills. Thus, allow us to share with you some ways in which you can help develop your baby’s motor skills.

  • Tummy time.

    Tummy time is an effective method to strengthen your baby’s core, back, and neck muscles. Remember that doing tummy time for a long time can cause strain. Limit your tummy time session to two minutes.

  • Ball rolling.

    Allowing your baby to roll a baby ball helps with arm strength and hand-eye coordination. Make sure to demonstrate how to roll a baby ball.

  • Building blocks.

    Obtain baby-friendly building blocks to avoid any accidents for your baby. The building blocks aim to help babies reach the top, therefore strengthening your baby’s back, core, and leg muscles. You can also make this activity into a playful education by incorporating colors and figures on the blocks.

These activities can be done safer in a wider room. It helps avoid any incident in the room and allows your baby to have space to operate on their body. If you are looking for a room conducive to your baby’s motor skills development, reach out to us at Nora’s Angel’s Early Learning Center. We do not only provide early childhood education in Bowie, Maryland. We also help babies develop their gross motor skills.

Contact us to learn more information about our infant or preschool program.

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