Tips for Parents: How to Prevent Tantrums


Toddlers are prone to temper tantrums. This is their way of communicating their frustration or letting their parents know that they are hungry or tired.

As one of the leading providers of childcare in Maryland, we have many experiences when it comes to temper tantrums. So, we have come up with a guide to help parents manage tantrums in their children.

  • Observe what causes their tantrums and avoid these situations. If walking around all day at a mall gets them tired and cranky, consider letting them ride their toy car if you have to run your errands. If they keep crying for sweets when they see candies, try not to pass by a candy shop.
  • Praise them for behaving well. If they notice that you give them your attention when they are doing something good, they will likely do more good behavior. So, make sure to give them a hug, a kiss, or a little treat.
  • Establish a routine that you need to follow every day to set their expectations. Be consistent and try to follow this routine strictly. If you need to do something different for a day, plan, and ensure that they have eaten or are well-rested.

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