The Importance of Play for Child Development


From an early age, play is how children learn about themselves and their environment. This activity is just as important as reading books or getting enough sleep in their development. Engaging in play offers several benefits to children as it helps foster cognitive growth and builds their skills. Hence, many providers of childcare in Maryland often include play as part of their routine.

As a trusted preschool program and early childhood education provider, we will discuss the importance of play in your child’s development:

  • Build Creativity
    Play promotes imagination and builds creativity in children. During indoor and outdoor play, kids engage their creative minds by playing make-believe games and acting out different solutions. They make and adopt their own rules and learn how to get along with others. These are all helpful skills for navigating life and relationships with others when they grow up.
  • Foster Cognitive Growth
    Play is essential to healthy brain development as it allows children to direct their own play. Unstructured play means they are not bound by activities or schedules set by adults. This develops children’s ability to solve problems, influences the way they learn, and allows them to gain knowledge about their environment.
  • Encourage Independence
    Kids often have little say about their routine or activities. Hence, play is an opportunity to set the rules to develop a stronger sense of independence. This helps children feel more capable of tackling tasks on their own and figuring out solutions to problems.

Nora’s Angel’s Early Learning Center is a trusted provider of exceptional early childhood education in Bowie, Maryland. From infant care to preschool and pre-kindergarten, we offer several programs to promote healthy child development. Contact us for inquiries about our programs and enrollment.

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