Importance of Playtime to Growing Children


Your child is growing every single day. During these times of growth and development, your child is like a sponge that absorbs every little thing it comes across, which is why it is an absolute must to nurture and supplement your child through playtime.

Yes, you read that right. Playtime is, in fact, highly crucial to developing kids according to providers of childcare in Maryland.

Why? Well, aside from providing them with fun and excitement, playtime also encourages exercise. Through outdoor play, your child can engage in physical activity, which helps strengthen their growing bodies. Playtime also promotes social interaction. And yes, children need social interaction too! Social interaction among youngsters enables your child to learn life values such as camaraderie, coordination, and teamwork. It also improves communication skills.

Allowing your child to immerse and enjoy themselves through play enables them to explore their surroundings. This encourages your child’s creativity and stirs curiosity, which supports brain development.

If you have a child who absolutely loves playtime, let them play to their heart’s content. But make sure to provide supervision to ensure their safety.

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