How a Child’s Mind Develops Through Playing


Children given a chance to play in their formative years profoundly affects their brain growth.

Time spent playing is enjoyable and beneficial to the growth of a child’s mind. In fact, the child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn about the world around them make cognitive development through play with their preschool program a breeze.

When children like toddlers and preschoolers are given opportunities for free play, they develop both a love of learning and a love of learning itself. But how does play exactly improve their cognitive skills?

A child’s ability to think critically and creatively will flourish if they play in ways that encourage them to use and integrate all of their senses.

Children learn to problem-solve as they experiment and observe the results of their actions. Children’s attention and memory improve when they are given uninterrupted time to play at home or daycare with toys that interest them and have real-world applications.

Moreover, when they play games involving sound and music, they learn to understand rhythm, melody, and the diversity of sound through musical activities such as singing, reciting, and instrument play.

At Nora’s Angel’s Early Learning Center, we understand that learning and having fun are inseparable for many children. That’s why we stress the importance of quality childcare in Maryland by making learning enjoyable and exciting for your kids.

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