Developmental Milestones in Your Little One


Toddler care requires the utmost attention, effort, and patience, just like every other significant period in your child’s life. You can find out if your child has a delay and how to address it by speaking with children development specialists.

What developmental milestones can you anticipate in your toddler’s early years?

Your child should start using language, grow shy around strangers, point to things, turn pages in books, and walk independently during their first year. As a result, help them reach these milestones by being by their side at all times. Set limits and maintain consistency while modeling polite actions for your toddler to imitate. Set rules, follow them, and read books together.

When they are between two and three years old, your toddler should start to play and interact with the people and things in their environment. At this age, toddlers become more active and perceptive about their surroundings. They will also get more animated, understand verb tenses, and ask you different questions.

Our toddlers have the opportunity to learn through guided music, art, wiggle/dance, creative expression through painting, sensory discovery, and more at Nora’s Angel’s Early Learning Center, a provider of early childhood education in Bowie, Maryland.

Play-based learning enables your child to focus on their cognitive and social growth while also teaching them about teamwork, relationships, and sportsmanship and giving them the chance to practice their social and congestive skills as they mature. Your child will benefit from this preparation for whatever path they choose in life.

Our preschool program is prepared to assist your child in overcoming new obstacles that will enable them to develop into well-rounded young people.

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