Aim of Early Childhood Education


And one of the best things we can give children is education, starting at the earliest time possible or from 0 to five years of age. We should lay their foundation to become competent, skillful, productive, and contributors to society. Preschool program does just that, providing strategies to develop the cognitive, emotional, and social skills required for lifelong learners. Zero to Three Foundation considers the skills below to be vital for young learners.

  • Language and literacy
    When children learn to communicate via gestures, words, and sounds, it will increase their interest and, later on, comprehension of books. Schools and institutions providing early childhood education, like childcare in Maryland, emphasized acquiring these skills.
  • Thinking
    All children are born with the natural requirement to know how things work. Our children utilize and develop comprehension of different math concepts like counting and sorting and all the skills for problem-solving that they will require for school.
  • Self-confidence
    Our children will be more motivated to undertake new challenges if they believe and feel confident. Self-confidence is vital in children development, as well as when it comes to accomplishing navigating various social challenges like competition, sharing, and having friends.
  • Self-control
    This means the capacity of our children to express and manage various feelings in correct ways. It’s vital for their success at school and their healthy overall development. It makes our children work together with others, do children activities, deal with their frustrations and solve problems.

At Nora’s Angel’s Early Learning Center, our proficient teachers and staff will help your children have a strong foundation to be lifelong learners and become productive contributors to society. Contact us about our early childhood education in Bowie, Maryland.

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