Activities That Support Gross Motor Skills Development


Gross motor skills are essential as they enable children to perform everyday functions, such as walking, running, and playground skills. Kids develop their gross motor skills at different rates but are more likely to build their skills with a little extra help. As a trusted provider of childcare in Maryland, we will share activities that support gross motor skills development in young children:

  • Hopscotch

    This activity requires jumping and hopping, which develops children’s gross motor skills. Hopscotch is also a simple way to practice their balance, coordination, and number skills. Additionally, hopscotch adds a social element to play and teaches kids how to get along with their peers.

  • Playground Play

    Outdoor play offers several benefits for kids. Swinging on a swing set enables children to develop their balance. The movement of shifting their weight and moving their legs back and forth also works their trunk muscles and coordination skills.

  • Dancing

    Whether it’s dance class or a dance activity at your child’s preschool program, dancing is a great way to develop children’s coordination, balance, and motor sequencing skills. It also helps children build awareness of rhythm and promotes a love for music.

  • Tricycles and Pedal Cars

    Tricycles come with handles that children can push while practicing pedaling. This develops their gross motor skills and will make it easier for them to transition into riding a bicycle. Pedal cars also strengthen their leg muscles while improving balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

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